Advice: How To Get Anything You Want

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You’re probably wondering where I am? This little bird has been busy launching DISRUPT Magazine as well as my new venture(which is under wraps for now). The feedback and connections I’ve made via the magazine has been incredible. Everyday I’m learning about the awesome people in our world and what’s fantastic projects they are involved with. If you have a great idea, feel free to email me at 

So I’ve been reading Keith Ferrazzi book “Never Eat Alone”, NEAwhich can be beautifully summed by this amazing 2 minute video that I’d highly recommend you watch! He’s basically says that all success that you ever want in life is based around people. The idea is to then turn all your professional and business relationships to the next level–a personal level, to be human, and be personally invested in other people’s success and want to see them succeed. You, in return, will get what you want. You will accomplish your goals and achieve all that you set out to do.

But the cardinal rule remains: help others, go the extra mile, give a hand to someone else and it is guaranteed that you will be able to accomplish your goals. It’s not about giving to get, but to truly help others because you are passionate about helping them and seeing them succeed.

Do this and you will win BIG.

Do this at your next business or networking meeting and see how it will help you.

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