New Series: Ultimate Guide on How to Design and Develop Experiential Events, Conferences and Expos

I’ve been designing and executing experiential events. I was 17 when I sold out my first event of 400 people and I was hooked every since. 10 years on, my passion for designing meaningful experiences has taken me all over the world: Chile, Istanbul, Malaysia, Toronto, Dubai to develop and deliver large scale events either directly or for clients. I’ve volunteered, apprenticed, interned and worked until I understood this industry. My company events are themed around entrepreneurship, innovation, trade & investment and economic development.

I’ve built every possible skill needed from project management, public relations to branding and public speaking. Being an International Event manager turns you into an entrepreneur, a publicist, a project manager, a web developer, a graphic designer, a negotiator, a public speaker, a branding expert, social media marketer — you name it!

I want to give this knowledge back by doing a series to share what I know. I want to do this mostly because I have been working and believing for years that people of color and marginalized communities need spaces, information and platforms specifically for them. We need to make a conscious effort to support diverse entrepreneurs. Those of us who know much made an effort to share our knowledge and what we need. And most important, if we can, we must create spaces just for us.

As my work evolves, I want to start working in venture capital and putting capital behind my words. This will make the biggest difference. For now, knowledge is the next most powerful.

Please let me know if there is anything you want to see.

with love,


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