I quit social media for a year and I really love myself for it

Hey friends

I am back to blogging full-time. I have to be honest and say I quit social media for over a year and really loved it. To be frank, I actually needed it.

I absolutely love technology but I couldn’t stand the feeling of social pressure constantly making me feel like I had to tell the world what I was doing. Whether I am travelling, or writing or building a tech company, I felt this need to constantly update people. Many of whom I haven’t even talked to for a very long time.

I felt that shallow relationships were replacing real ones, that anxiety was replacing my mental health, that chaos was ruling my day rather than mindfulness and discipline.

So I just quit everything.

I wanted to feel like a kid again. Think summer 1999 where all I would do is go outside and play for hours. I was happy and self-contented by just being. I could be imaginative and creative just for myself. I didn’t have to think ‘Oh, I should be doing this’ or ‘What would so-and-so’ think?’

Social media was controlling me instead of me controlling it.

Just think: we hold the most amazing piece of technology in our hands and instead of using it to better ourselves, it ends up slowly untying the fabrics of our very lives: we talk to people less, we don’t nurture deep relationships as best we can, we are put into a web of pathological envy as we are essentially spending so much of our lives watching others.

I love people – don’t get me wrong – but I am not going to spend my precious life watching others live life. I wanted to live it fully and wholly. And as long as these apps were controlling my mind, I wasn’t going to do.

I promised myself that until I got a grip on my life and was trying to live it the way I wanted to, I wouldn’t go back onto social media fully. Sometimes, I would check in to Twitter or Instagram then find myself filled with negative self-talk, anxiety and this overwhelming feeling of unsatisfaction.

I had no reason to be unhappy. So, I ruled out it must be social media.

Happiness was going to be found in being present. Going back to writing. Meeting people organically. Travelling and really talking in the moment. Working on things I wanted to work on without needing to update people constantly. Reading books and watching films to find inspiration.

The result has been amazing.

I truly feel detoxed. I feel acutely aware of the present, where my life is and where I want to go. I understand my feelings. I am deeply in touch with my energy and vibrations. I respect and honor myself daily with positive affirmations and filling my days self-contentment. I truly feel in control of my life. I feel like the kid who used to go out and spend a whole day playing and fall asleep with peace and ease. No pressure. No anxiety. No negative thoughts or having the opinions of others rule my day.

I really love and honour myself. This is exactly how I’ve always wanted to live. It might not look like what society is telling us is ‘right’ but I believe many of us are living with deep grief, exhaustion and sadness that permeates modern world. We are looking for something.

Deep down, we aren’t settled.

I don’t have the answers for life but I do know one thing: start letting your inner core speak to you. What is your soul telling you?

Honour those feelings and I can guarantee you that you will end up on the right path.


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