Disrupt Magazine // Volume I Issue 02 // Exclusive Look.

Hey, you’re fabulous.

And I really want you to know that. The support that Disrupt Magazine received after coming out with it’s first issue on August 15 was humbling. I really didn’t know that many people would really understand what my team and I were trying to do. We’ve received an outpouring of support from all over the world and a simple “we get what you are trying to do” affirmations that helped let us know that we were on the path to creating something amazing that people benefited from.

Thank you sincerely for everyone who has supported!

We’re proud to present Disrupt Magazine Volume I Issue 02. It is available for purchase here: http://disruptmgzn.com/products-page or here: http://bit.ly/19U61AE


We’re putting out a series of designs called: “Design and Dissent”. They are limited edition original art work crafted by us through pain, love and inspiration to make the world a better place. We hope they will rouse the same enthusiasm it did in us.

They will be available for sale for a limited time only via our digital pop up shop on December 22nd 2013 until December 28th. We’ll be giving free product away and reducing prices during this time. Subscribe at signup.disruptmgzn.com to get first notice!

So, what’s in this issue?
  • Dope cover by Damien Tauchert
  • Native American Code of Ethics received with much gratitude from Shaman Cloud and the Firebear
  • Behind Disruptive Brands: Interview with Nana Osei, Founder and CEO of Bohten
  • Context: For Today and For The Future by Skinner Layne, CEO and Chairman of Exosphere, based in Santiago, Chile
  • The Philosophy of Deep Ecology by Sean Anderson is a philosopher, educator and musician living in Ottawa. This was his incredible PHD thesis
  • Start Up Cities Infographic
  • First Look at Design and Dissent, original art work by Disrupt
  • #Disruptive Thoughts Spread
  • Heart Diaspora by Ali Alikhan, Ottawa-based writer and poet
Want more?
Read our amazing new website  or say hi. I’d love to hear from you.

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