Hello! My name is Hodan.

Or you can call me Huda, as many people do.

  • Went to school wanting to do Creative Writing & Film… then plot twist happened & now I have a degree in Political Science and International Relations and planning to start my PhD in Public Policy
  • Global Event Management stumbled across my path in 2007 and I’ve been doing it ever since
  • I’ve combined economic development with entrepreneurship – love creating spaces for other creators
  • Got a passion for events, entrepreneurship, fashion tech and building things for the greater good
  • Kind of a foodie. Love cooking Turkish, Afghan, Indian Food
  • Obsessed with writing “insert: biggest fantasy geek ever”
  • I lived in the UAE. I’m currently in Turkey. But I’m always on the road traveling somewhere.
  • Personality type is “INFJ” (Super introverted, creative, caring and lil bit of a hermit)
  • Just trying to grow my brand, enjoy life, & hopefully inspire people in the process. Let’s be friends!


In a nutshell

I’m just an inner city girl with global dreams. My work in international trade, and economic development started 6 years ago when I travelled for the first time away from home. I landed in Alexandria, Egypt. The chaotic beauty of that country – no other way to describe it- sparked a huge interest in how to run a business, how policies are developed and how we can build countries economically. After this, I started a few startups with no mentor. Got my feet wet in the world of tech startups until starting my first successful business: an digital marketing company, Think Disrupt After that I had realized there is a huge issue to be solve: small business account for 70-90% of a countries economy but resources were concentrated amongst a certain class of people. How  do we democratize opportunities for the rest of the world – women, people of color and minorities?

This question led me to work in UK, Chile, UAE, Malaysia and Turkey. I’ve been fortunate to work with UN, Dubai Government, Malaysian Government, Islamic Development Bank, Inspirit Foundation, Exosphere Academy

My job is to help develop economies with governments and private organizations through consultancy, developing innovative programs, and global events.


Dubai, UAE


Renaca, Santiago, Chile

Renaca, Santiago, Chile

Istanbul, my home ❤

Event in Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been blessed to travel to every continent on earth(except Antarctica), am yoga-obsessed, writing-fanatic and yes, sometimes watching trashy TV is my guilty pleasure. No matter where I travel, I treat every plane ride like it’s my first time.

I spill all my business, personal development, and life musings, here, on my lifestyle blog. I’ve spent the last 4 years working with governments and private agencies to deliver results through events & advisory services in the international trade and economic development industries through my new  management consulting practice, Zenith Consulting.

Aside from being a businesswoman, I am writing my first historical fantasy novel. I’m a pretty busy bee with that.

In 2018, I almost died from a serious hemorrhage and face what felt like a life-time of traumas one could encounter that completely transformed me. As such I totally love, value each day as the most precious thing in the world.

But I don’t let life make me feel like a victim. I believe that true gold never fears fire – and if you fall down seven, get up eight. If you happen to find yourself in hell, keep going!

Welcome again & thanks for joining me.